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“These projects represent the leading work across the breadth of cast-in-place concrete solutions produced by association members,” stated Jim Baty, Managing Director for the CFA.  “They demonstrate the technical challenges overcome by the professional craftsmen found throughout North America and continue to set a new standard for quality and technological achievement for the cast-in-place industry.”

Categories for the competition are Single-Family Residence less than 2,000 square feet, between 2,000 and 5,000 square feet and greater than 5,000 square feet; and Commercial/Multi-Family.  Projects submitted this year represent a broad cross-section of the continental U.S.

According to Baty, many of the submissions represent the best projects ever submitted to the CFA.

2014 Projects of the Year

Private Single Family Residence SF 2k to 5k - Overall Grand Project

Madison, Wisconsin

Submitted by Hottmann Construction Company of Dane, Wisconsin


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Submitted by Basement Contractors of Edmond, Oklahoma

Private Single Family Residence < 2,000 SF

Marietta, Georgia

Submitted by Herbert Construction of Marietta, Georgia

Private Single Family Residence > 5,000 SF

Norman, Oklahoma

Submitted by Basement Contractors of Edmond, Oklahoma


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